Chinese citizens to gets their coronavirus shots by November or December

Citizens of Chins could be able to have their coronavirus vaccines by the month of November


The world is behind making an effective vaccine for the deadly coronavirus, which has affected people across the globe. There are about 150 probable candidates for the probable vaccines around the globe. But the China based vaccine is likely to be ready for use for general public by the month of November 2020. The announcement was made by one of the officers from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far the phase 3 trials of the coronavirus vaccine have been moving on smoothly and there are chances that the citizens of China could be able to receive their shots by the month of November or December, 2020. The information has been given by the chief biosafety expert at CDC, Wu Guizhen during an interview with a leading channel on September 14, 2020. Currently there are about four candidates that are under the process of making a coronavirus vaccine and are in the final stages of the clinical trials.

The best part is that out of these four, at least three of them have already been given to the essential workers as per the emergency use of the programme that was launched in the month of July, 2020. There are about thousands of Chinese people who have already received the experimental COVID-19 vaccine and have managed to remain infection free. Some of the officials from China have said that they are not contemplating to put up a program that would vaccinate the people working at the food market, hospitality industry and public transport. This would also help them to prevent the spread during the autumn and winter.

Wu, while talking to a leading Chinese daily said that the Chinese citizens will soon be able to get their shots. The officer added that it could be in the month of November or December, 2020. Wu also said that she has taken the experimental vaccine herself in April, 2020 and has not experienced any abnormal symptoms since then.

Photo Credits: Pixabay