6 Cooking related myths that need to be ignored

There are a number of myths about cooking that keep circulating on the social media and need to be ignored


Cooking is a therapy for many people. It is surely a skill that makes brings together various blends with spices and other ingredients that treat the taste buds. Though it is not rocket science, in recent times some people have come up with a few myths regarding cooking. However, cooking myths do nothing but misguide people who have a keen interest in the working of the kitchen. Here are a few cooking related myths that need to be ignored.

1. Microwaving foods damages nutrients – The biggest myth is about microwaving foods that they damage the nutrients in the food. But it is actually the other way round. The device exposes food to heat that is less intense and is similar to boiling. The fact is, it limits the loss of nutrients from the food.

2. When chicken is no longer pink, it is cooked – That is not true as chicken needs the right amount of time and the right temperature to be cooked as poultry can also be a source of some illness. If you have a doubt that you can opt for a meat thermometer instead of checking on the color.

3. Pasta should be rinsed after boiling – If you do so, all the starch from the pasta will be washed off that helps the sauce to stick to it.

4. Aged baking powder/soda – Many people think that they using old baking soda or powder is more effective. But it will never give you the fresh quality. It is better to replace your baking powder every 6 to 12 months.

5. Old eggs are good for having boiled eggs – The fact is that when the eggs become old, they have less volume than the eggs which are fresh.

6. Water should be thrown after boiling rice – Many people throw away water after they boil the rice. The actual nutrients of the rice remains in the water.

Photo Credits: Pixabay