Delta Airlines continues to add passengers to no-fly list

Delta Airlines continues to add passengers to the no-fly list for wearing masks onboard

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The Coronavirus is one of the most contagious kind of virus that has managed to spread across the globe after originating in China. After a strict lockdown implemented across the globe in a number of countries, a number of airlines and other businesses have started to open up. Many airlines have implemented a strict policy of wearing face masks while on board a flight. Delta Airlines has announced that it has placed more than 240 people on a no-fly list after they did not comply with the policy of wearing masks.

CEO Ed Bastian in a memorandum to the employees on August 27, 2020 said that their practice is rare but they continue to put passengers who refuse to follow the policy of wearing a face mask, on their no-fly list. However, there is no federal mandate on wearing masks at the airport or on the aircrafts, but every airline has been asked to implement their own regulations. The customers as well as the employees at Delta need to wear face masks or at least appropriate cloth covering the face over their nose and mouth throughout the tenure of travel.

Bastian added that they are working towards the recovery which is important and that they will continue to remain focused to provide their employees and customers with clean airports, aircrafts and work places. The face masks have to be on at all of the touch points including the lobby check-in, boarding gate areas, Delta Sky Clubs, jet bridges and even on board the aircraft. The only time they are exempted to remove the mask is when they are eating or drinking.

The airline has added that they would continue to find ways to keep their passenger and employees safe across their flights. Delta also announced that very soon they will be having sanitizer stations that would be placed near the boarding doors and by the side of the lavatories on every Delta aircraft.

Photo Credits: Pixabay