5 Unusual tricks to help make a relationship last longer

A relationship can last longer with a few tricks which are unusual but surely effective


It is never possible to have a rule book to have an everlasting relationship. A relationship during the initial days is always good, but when gradually, when you begin to know more about your partner in a deeper sense it tends to become sour. It has to be noticed that couples with similar interests and hobbies are often happy. This article is going to inform you about some unusual yet effective habits that is going to help a couple to have a long lasting relationship.

1. Share being travelers or being home friends – Your relationship is surely going to bloom if you love travelling together or love the idea of being at home, sharing a blanket and watching your favourite show on Netflix. Similar ideas help the couple to click with each other.

2. Share similar hygiene habits – In a relationship, if a person has a habit of being more clean and the other likes to be untidy, they tend to pick up fights over petty things. It is wise to share the same habits of cleanliness. After all, being clean does not take much efforts is a good habit.

3. Having the same sense of humour – You love it when your partner hits a one-liner at the right spot. It surely cracks you up and also helps you and your partner to have a good laugh together. If the other person is not a very open one, then they can at least appreciate and have a good laugh.

4. Be OK with the other’s clumsy habits – Not keeping the shoes in place, not drying out the towel outside and not making the bed does not make that person a bad person. Try adjusting with each other’s lifestyle and help creating a healthy environment at home.

5. Have a positive image of each other – Even if you have had grudges in the past since many years, have a positive image of your partner in your life. Respect for the efforts that he/she puts in everyday to make the relationship special. Appreciation is the key to bring a spark in life.

Photo Credits: Pixabay