Things to keep in mind for diabetics and hypertensive people during pandemic

People and diabetes and hypertension are at high risk during the pandemic and need to be extra careful


Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the latest scare for the human race that was not identified in humans before. Its infection can lead to serious respiratory illness and could be fatal as well. During the lockdown, it was easy to contain the virus as not many people walked out of the house. But now things have started to reopen gradually which has increased the risk. It is now a known fact that people with diabetes and hypertension need to be more careful as such conditions can make the condition worse. Here are a few things that people with diabetes and hypertension need to be careful about during the pandemic.

1. Keep hydrating – Apart from drinking plenty of water, include fresh vegetables and fresh fruits that will help to improve your immunity. It is important to keep up your immunity levels as high immunity can keep you safe, even if you have come in contact with a person with the virus.

2. Keep monitoring blood sugar levels – People with diabetes need to keep monitoring the blood sugar levels while at home with the help of a device. Also make sure that you keep a check on your body temperature.

3. Remain in contact with your physician – Always be in contact with your general physician and keep ample stock of your medicines. Make sure that you don’t skip your drugs make sure that your physician is just a call away for advice.

4. Do not ignore body changes – Even in case of the slightest changes in your body, Make sure that your consult and don’t ignore.

5. Exercise at home – Practice breathing exercises and yoga at the comfort at your home during the pandemic. It does not require lots of space or equipments.

6. Avoid high calories, spices and salt – Make sure you are eating healthy and do not indulge in a high calorie diet that has plenty of spices and oil.

Photo Credits: Pixabay