Tips on making a wedding website

Building a wedding website is a latest trend but some homework is needed before you make one


It has now become a trend to create a website, when you are about to get married. The website in question allows the bride and the groom to mention each and every detail about the wedding ceremonies. Making a website for the wedding is not just fun but also makes it easy for the organizers to be systematic with all details. But before you indulge in making a website, you need to do some research. Here are a few tips that you need to consider before you make a website.

1. Mention details about dress code – If you are having a dress code for the wedding ceremony for the guests, then make sure that you mention that in detail for the guests to understand. The details should include the kind of footwear and what colors would be allowed.

2. Do not mention the exclusive details – For the wedding, some of the rituals are for the guests in general and some are going to be exclusive. You need not mention about the exclusive events on the website. Some of the guests could consider it as rude.

3. Mention details for outstation guests – Guests who are arriving from out of town, should know about the details like travel mode, hotel address and other details. This detail is important and should not be missed. You do not want to create any confusion in terms of guests as they could be lost at a new place.

4. Do not share on social media –It is not essential to share the wedding details on social media. People who are not invited would feel left out.

5. Do not use shortcut words in details – While mentioning about details on the website, make sure that you don’t use any shortcuts of acronyms. Not all the guests would have proper knowledge about it. It would be tough for them to understand. Make sure that you write it in full words.

Photo Credits: Pixabay