Delta Airlines puts 100 passenges on ‘no fly list’ for refusing to wear masks

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The coronavirus pandemic has left a number of nations across the globe. The virus has affected a number of sectors and the airline sector is one of the worst hit. After a few months of lockdown across the globe in different nations, a number of airlines are venturing to get back to business as it continues to deal with financial losses. But with the return to business, it has also places a few mandatory rules like wearing face masks as a measure to maintain safety of the passengers and the crew.

Delta Airlines is one of the airlines which has maintained its strictness in terms of wearing masks, but still a few people prefer not to cooperate. In a recent incident, one of the flights of Delta Airlines had to return to the gate in Detroit when two of its customers had refused to wear masks. Due to such incidences, the Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian has said that the airline has places about 100 people on its ‘no fly list’ due to the issues related to masks.

Delta in a statement justified with the help of a medical research said that wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to reduce the infection rate of Coronavirus. The statement added that the airline will be committed to require the passengers and employees to wear face masks across all of the Delta touch points. Not just Delta, but some of the other airlines in the US now require the passengers and the crew to wear face masks or coverings.

As per the guidelines, the passengers are allowed to remove the masks only when they are eating or drinking. People who have their names in the no-fly list because of mask wearing issues might have to undergo a process and this will vary from airline to airline. The passenger might have to put up a formal appeal that would be considered by the airline.

Photo Credits: Pixabay