Emirates offers to cover funeral costs for travelers who die of COVID-19

Emirates airlines has come up with a new strategy to attract its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has affected a number of individuals as well as economies across the globe. One of the severely affected sectors is the aviation sector as the travel demand has taken a major plunge. Despite 6 months since the outbreak of the pandemic, a number of countries even today have maintained restrictions in terms of international and domestic travel. In order to recover, a number of airlines are now looking forward to different strategies to attract travelers. Emirates, is a Dubai based airline and has adopted a unique tactic that will gain the attention of its customers. The airline has said that it will pay for the funeral expenses of their travelers if they get infected of COVID-19 and then succumb to it.

Emirates has claimed that this is the first time that any airline in the world has come up with such an officer. Some of the reports have claimed that the airline will be covering the medical expenses up to EUR 150,000 and would also be bearing the quarantine expenditure of EUR 100 for 14 days. This will be applicable to the travelers who are diagnosed with COVID-19 while they are away from home.

The airline has assured that it will be covering the costs of the funeral of up to $1800 and will be providing this cover for all of its customers free of cost. The offer will be valid from July 23, 2020 to October 31, 2020. There is another condition that it will be valid for 31 days from the day of the travel which of the first sector of the journey. The only disadvantage of this is that the expenses related to the COVID-19 will not be covered under the offer.

A number of airlines are struggling at present and a number of them have already grounded a majority of their fleet as it has become tough for them to bear the maintenance cost.

Photo Credits: Pixabay