Ways to reduce screen time of children during lockdown

Screen time of children with mobile phones or TV can be reduced with the help of a few simple ways

screen time

Lockdown induced by the coronavirus is a time when children are having a hard time spending time at home. There is a dedicated time when they are expected to study, but the rest of the time they are forced to remain inside the house due to the fear of contracting the virus. Under such circumstances, more children are indulging in watching TV or mobile phone games and videos to kill time. But this habit could be actually damaging. But there are a few ways by which parents can help to reduce the screen time with their children.

1. Be a role model – If you want to make your child to stop watching TV or the mobile phone, then you could become a role model and avoid watching any of your favourite series or films in front of them.

2. Encourage child to get involved in activities – It is a fact that children get distracted easily. You can encourage them to get involved in other physical activities that could be done indoors. There are plenty of activities that could be done everyday.

3. Create a tech-free zone at home – You can create a tech-free zone at home that would force the child to be more active than indulge in the tech items that you own. For instance, you can make a rule not to allow mobile phones in the kitchen and the dining room.

4. Allow screen time as a reward – You can allow them some screen time only if they have done something really well. But make sure that you don’t raise the bar and make it a habit.

5. Maintain some strictness – You have to keep reminding yourself that you need to maintain some strictness in terms of screen time for your child. It has to become a habit so the child will not be cranky, next time you did not allow any extra time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay