Tips to follow before buying your wedding footwear

Footwear for your wedding is one of the vital things which is important but a few things have to be kept in mind before you go for shopping

wedding shoes

It is ultimately the overall look that matters for the bride and the groom on their wedding day. For this day, the families from both sides prepare since many months to make sure things fall in place. Shoes are an important part of your entire outfit and also play a major role on the big day. But before you select the most stylish and the most beautiful pair of footwear that matches with your outfit, you need to first consider a few things.

1. Buy a spare – Always buy a spare pair of footwear in case of any incident like a broken heel or other similar incidents. A spare one will work like a back up and a savior as well.

2. Reconsider heels – For the bride, it is recommended that they rethink about wearing heels on the big day as they need to stand and attend the guests for a long time and heels might make things uncomfortable for them. You can also opt for the platform ones which are comfortable and will also serve the occasion.

3. Do not wear new pair of footwear on the big day – Do not buy the pair of shoes soon on the big day. You need to get used to them as a last minute wear can lead to painful shoes bites which can make you uncomfortable the whole day.

4. Keep the venue in mind – Before you finalize the footwear, make sure that you inform the store manager about the wedding venue like if it is a beach, garden or an indoor wedding. The store manager will help you with the footwear accordingly.

5. Consider weather – like if you are getting married during the monsoon season, make sure you buy something that is waterproof and comfortable as well. It has to be waterproof especially when you are getting married outdoors and you cannot avoid the mud and rain to reach the venue.

Photo Credits: Pixabay