Ways to improve stamina post lockdown

After lockdown you might have faced the harsh reality about your body stamina which can be built again


Lockdown was a time when people were forced to remain at home as a precautionary measure due to the coronavirus pandemic. While some people had access to their personal gyms at home, a majority of people did not have access to the public gyms due to the lockdown. As a result, a number of people lost their kicking stamina due to lack of equipments and lack of exercise. But now that things have slowly started to rollout, people can now venture out to have a quick jog but do not have the stamina to do so. Under such circumstances, one needs to take it slow and take one step at a time. Here are a few ways to slowly improve your stamina post lockdown.

1. Eat right – During the coronavirus pandemic it is important to keep up the body immunity for that you have to eat foods that would help in improving immunity and would also help to boost your stamina. Consume more protein, vitamin C, iron and complex carbs which are important and vital to improve your stamina.

2. Add some variety to your physical regime – If you are already doing a particular exercise, then add a few more other exercise that you have not tried out which can help to improve your stamina. Yoga is also a great option and would also help in terms of endurance. This can also help to improve your overall mood.

3. Take regular breaks – Do not test the capacity of your body and make it work like a labourer. The body also needs some rest and one has to also get a good night sleep. Even in between the exercise sessions, take some break and then resume again. During the night it is important to have at a good night sleep.

4. Keep hydrating yourself – If you want to maintain a good balance between your stamina, digestion and metabolism then you need to drink ample water.

Photo Credits: Pixabay