Cleanliness lessons to be taught to children post pandemic

Children need to get used to certain habits related to cleanliness after they get used to go out


The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the lifestyle and the way people are supposed to be in public. It is time when social distancing rules have to be followed, masks have to be worn compulsorily and unknown surfaces need to be avoided. Though it is easy for the adults to get used to the new normal, but children might have to be taught about the new rules. Here are a few things that you need to teach your children in terms of cleanliness.

1. Taking a bath when regularly – Taking a bath everyday in the morning might be a ritual, but now it is also essential to take bath every time you come back from outside. They need to understand that it is important to take bath in order to get rid of any germs or viruses. They need to understand that every time they return from outside they need to put the clothes for washing and wear fresh and sanitized clothes.

2. Washing hands – This has to be the basic and kids need to follow this. After playing in the garden and before having meals, children need to wash their hands as frequently as possible. They can use a soap or hand sanitizer.

3. Wearing a mask – Wearing a mask has to become a habit. There are possibilities that it might suffocate them or make them feel uncomfortable. But no matter what they need to get used to it and set an example by wearing it yourself. You can wear a usable or a disposable mask.

4. No touching of surfaces – This might be a little tricky as children tend to touch different surfaced without being conscious. But they need to get used to not touching any surface or objects that are from a public place.

5. Maintaining a distance – Children need to understand the importance of keeping a distance from people and other kids. While this might be tough for them, but they have to understand and make it a habit.

Photo Credits: Pixabay