Myths related to usage of frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables have to be used in the right way and not many people are aware of a few facts


Frozen vegetables are the need of time and with the pandemic still continuing to spread, this is a time when a few myths have to be busted. It is wise to buy vegetables and freeze them so they last for a longer time. But a number of people are doing it the wrong way and losing all the important nutrients and properties. Here are a few myths about frozen vegetables busted.

1. Frozen vegetables need to be thawed – Frozen vegetables do not need to be thawed before they are used for cooking. Unlike meat and fish, vegetables can be used directly for cooking in the frozen state. For instance cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts can be cooked directly from the freezer and need not be thawed. Thawing them could make it droopy.

2. You need to boil frozen vegetables – Doing so can ruin the flavours and the actual property of the vegetable. You can just sauté or roast them like you do it with the fresh vegetables. It does not make any difference.

3. Keeping vegetables in refrigerator does not spoil them – They do tend to be spoiled if they are kept for a longer time. It is better to use them as soon as possible. The ice crystals formation in the vegetables makes them watery and sometimes, they tend to dehydrate and the freshness is damaged.

4. There are only limited vegetables which can be frozen – This is not true at all as there are a number of vegetables like cabbage, eggplant, mushrooms, fava beans, swiss chard, asparagus and chickpeas which can be frozen. This means you need not be selective of the vegetables as you can nearly freeze many vegetables and use them as per your convenience.

Before you toss them in to the freezer, make sure that you wash and dry them properly to avoid any infections and hygiene.

Photo Credits: Pixabay