Amazon Air announces expansion of its Boeing jets fleet

Amazon Air has expanded its fleet of jets to meet the overwhelming demand and increasing customer base


E-commece giant Amazon is expanding the number of aircrafts that will help to meet the consumer demands. The announcement was made by the giant and has leased about 12 new Boeing cargo jets from the Air Transport Services Group which has brought its fleet to more than 80 aircrafts. One of them has already joined the fleet in the month of May while the other 11 will be delivered in 2021.

Vice president Sarah Rhoads of Amazon Global Air said that the company is taking its fast delivery service very seriously and to make it even more efficient it is taking steps. The steps are being taken for the current environment as well as with the future prospects as well. Rhoads added that it is a time when many people are depending on them to get delivered things that they need without the need for them to go out of their homes.

The vice president also said that under such circumstances, the expanding their air network would ensure that their capacity is up to the mark to remain self sufficient. This also helps the customers to get the items at the lowest prices at fast shipping speeds. It is the coronavirus pandemic which increased the demand from the consumers to home deliver things as it helps them to avoid staying outside. Due to the overwhelming demand, the company had to temporarily limit the sales of the essential items. This happened during a time when the number of coronavirus patients had increased in March and April, 2020.

Amazon has said that increasing their cargo facility would help them to meet the overwhelming demand and has also helped to increase their customer base. ATSG President and CEO Rich Corrado in a statement said that they are proud to continue to evolve their partnership with Amazon which was always known for its fast and free delivery.

Photo Credits: Pixabay