4 Side effects of over consumption of tomatoes

Tomatoes are good for health, but can be harmful if they are consumed excessively


Tomato is a fruit that is consumed on a very regular basis by many people across the globe. It is a staple for many and is largely used in curries that are made in the South Asian countries. Tomatoes are surely healthy and has a number of health benefits. But like it is said, anything in excess is not good for the body. Tomatoes too have the bad side to it and here are a few adverse effects of they are consumed in excess.

1. Acidic – The fruit which is used as a vegetable is acidic in nature. This means that you need to be careful while consuming them. If you have too much of them you can end up having a heartburn and too much of gases in the stomach might make you feel uneasy. You could also suffer from digestion issues.

2. Kidney problems – People who already face kidney issues should limit their consumption of tomatoes as they contain a lot of potassium in them. They also contain high levels of oxalate and if they are eaten in excess they could lead to kidney problems.

3. Allergy – Over consumption of tomatoes can lead to skin rashes as they contain the compound known as histamine. There are also people who could be allergic to tomatoes and might experience swelling in the mouth, tongue and face.

4. Pain in the joints – The fruit contains an alkaloid known as solanine which can cause swelling and pain in the joints. The alkaloid causes building up of calcium in the tissues and it can also lead to an inflammation.

One thing has to be kept in mind that eating tomatoes are surely healthy but when eaten in the right proportion. The above effects could be seen only when they are over consumed. It is recommended to wash them properly before you use them for cooking or consumption.

Photo Credits: Pixabay