5 Common skin problems that occur during pregnancy

Pregnancy is also a time when women might experience a few skin problems which are normal


Pregnancy is a time when the woman undergoes some major bodily changes. This happens due to the hormonal changes that take place during this period. This phase also brings a few skin issues for many pregnant women. It has to be noted that changes in the skin during pregnancy is normal and should not be of much concern, but certain precautions can be taken. Here are some of the skin conditions that are likely during pregnancy and what can be done for it.

1. Skin tags – Skin tags, can be also called as moles or lesions that usually occur around the neck, back, groin or under the breasts. They are usually not dangerous but can cause irritation with clothing due to constant motion.

2. Hyperpigmentation – This is another common skin condition that is caused during pregnancy. These are dark spots that can occur behind the neck and is caused because of the increase in the naturally occurring melanin. The condition gets resolved after delivery but some might experience it for many years. You can reduce the occurance by washing face with luke warm water.

3. Pimples – Acne and pimples are also common during this phase. You can reduce this by washing your face twice a day and avoid picking pimples as it can make it worse.

4. Varicose veins – these are small patches of veins that occur during pregnancy. The veins stick out above the skin and become visible. These so not need any treatment as they disappear after delivery.

5. Chloasma – In this condition brown patches can be seen on the skin, nose or forehead. This happens due to an increased level of melanin.

During pregnancy it is essential to have the right diet with the right balance of nutrients which are essential for the healthy growth of the fetus. Even stretch marks are common, but there are a number of creams that are available in the market that can help to reduce the occurrence. Overall you should enjoy the phase and make the most of it while being pampered.

Photo Credits: Unsplash