5 Spices that would help in weight loss and improves body metabolism

Including a few spices in everyday life can help to keep up your body metabolism and also help in weight loss


Nationwide lockdown has been implemented in a number of nations to keep people indoors as much as possible that will help to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Amidst the lockdown it is also important for people to keep up a healthy metabolism of the body so that they could have anti-bodies to fight against the deadly virus. But for that it is important to eat right and many people might even end up putting on some extra weight. Here are a few spices that can help you to keep p with your body metabolism and will also help you to keep a check on your weight.

1. Turmeric – A very popular spice found in South Asian cuisines and is best combined in curries. It is packed with anti-oxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It not just contributes towards a better metabolism of the body but also protects you from many viruses. It has curcumin that directly works on any kind of inflammation in the body. Since it produces the leptin hormone, it contributes to burn body fat.

2. Cinnamon – This is not just used in savory dishes, but also gives a great flavor to some of the desserts. This not just helps to maintain a good body metabolism, but also helps to reduce the triglyceride levels. Triglyceride levels are those that can accumulate in the arteries and lead to some issues like heart attacks or even stroke.

3. Black pepper – This is a very common spice that is used for seasoning, but is very beneficial for those who are trying to lose some extra fat.

4. Chilli powder – Chilli Powder contains capsaicin that gives it a hot taste and helps in improving the metabolism of the body.

5. Ginger – This is a very useful spice that can be used in a number of ways. They not just contribute towards weight loss, but also speeds up the metabolism of the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay