4 Myths busted about hair care

There are a number of myths that are related to hair care and everyone needs to know this


Since many years, our elders and experienced family members have been advising different things about our hair. Some of the tips do work but there are also a few myths that have come down since many years and many people do continue to follow them even today. There are so many of them and some people do indulge in some of them like you are not supposed to cut your hair while the moon is descending. Now this seems more like a superstition, but there are a few myths which are followed by many and here are a few.

1. Plucking one grey hair makes two grow in place of them – This is not the fact as the hair follicles cannot suddenly grow two grey hair. It is the chemical imbalance that works and it is certainly not the case.

2. You should brush your hair as many as 100 times –You have to brush your hair as many as 100 times as it increases the blood circulation and this is not a face. When the hair follicles grow, technically they are dead cells. The growth happens from the scalp. You can make it a habit to massage your scalp every time you are sitting with work. Lockdown period is the best time to indulge.

3. Growth of grey hair can be stopped – This is certainly not true as we can certainly take preventive measures from graying of hair too early, but nothing can be done to what has already been done. If your hair is grey you cannot undo the process.

4. The bald spots can be filled – When the hair follicles stop producing hair, then there is no way to regrow it. This is something that is done and all you can do is slow down the process by taking good care by giving proper nourishment by eating right and using the right hair products.

Photo Credits: Pixabay