5 Reasons that could lead to stress in a relationship

There are number of reasons which can lead to stress in a relationship


Experts have always warned about the effects of stress on health. If it has the potential to impact the health of a person then you could imagine what it could do to a relationship which is already delicate. Relationships are tough to maintain unless you have a good understanding and lot of patience off-course. Stress makes it tough for an individual to deal with the normal things on an everyday basis, so it becomes even more difficult to also take care of a relationship.

Here are a few reasons that can become a reason behind stress in your relationship:

1. Workplace stress –Office is a place where you can find a number of people with different mood. You could get in to trouble with a colleague or could receive a pressure from a senior person or even your boss. This can turn you off from yourself and could also lead to stress in your relationship as you might not be able to communicate it better with him/her.

2. Money problems – It is very impractical to say that money is not important in a relationship. It is one of the vital things which is needed to lead a happy life and is also one of the major reasons relationships are becoming strained.

3. Children – When you have children at home, the household chores double and can also interfere with your work schedule as well. Couples often argue about the amount of work that is shared between them and leads to a strained relationship.

4. Unfaithfulness – This is one of the common issues, but when it is found by the other partner, then there are all the possibilities that the relationship might not even exist.

5. Lack of intimacy – Many couples complain about lack of intimacy due to the fact that they come across the same person every day. But there is surely a fix to this and there are many things that could be done to make things fun between the partners.

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