Germany records an increase in infection rate post easing lockdown

Germany is noticing an increase in coronavirus infection rate after it as started easing lockdown restrictions


Germany is one of the few countries which has started to ease the lockdown restrictions to allow the economic activities amidst the coronavirus pandemic. On the contrary, reports say that the infection rate has remarkably increased. The virus reproduction rate in Germany is measured with the ‘R’ value which currently stands at 1.0 in the country. The cause of concern is that the figure was 0.7 earlier this month which went up when the lockdown restrictions were relaxed. The ‘R’ rate stands for the average that every one person who is infected from the virus from another individual.

The actual aim is to keep the rate below 1.0 during the coronavirus pandemic. Lothar Wieler, the president of the Robert Koch Institute said that the number should be kept below 1.0 and it is a big goal which also makes the people feel more secure. Wieler pointed out that apart from the ‘R’ rate, there are other figures which also count. It includes the number of cases that turned positive in a day and the testing capacity. The authorities in Germany have urged people to practice social distancing despite the fact that the restrictions have slightly been eased.

Wieler added that with the help of the restrictions which have been imposed people need to ensure that proper measures are taken and the number of rising cases can also be controlled with the help of some simple measures. The president of the institute urged people to stay indoors as far as possible and continue to reduce the contacts with people. The country has so far recorded 158,758 confirmed cases of coronavirus and about 6,126 deaths. The figures are much lower when compared to other European nations.

Germany has started to ease the lockdown restrictions on a gradual basis and has allowed small retail shops to be reopened on the conditions that proper hygiene and social distancing measures are being taken. Some of the large car dealerships, book shops and bike shops have also been allowed to be reopened.

Photo Credits: Pixabay