4 unusual hair hacks that actually work

The internet is flooded with hair hacks that use some crazy ingredients but actually work

hair hacks

It s a lockdown time when you need to stay at home to remain safe from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. While many people might be continuing to work from home but many of them might not have any work at home and are finding different ways to be busy. This is the best time to pamper yourself and make the most of the lockdown tenure. Many people face hair problems with dandruff, dryness, frizz or hair fall, but the internet is now flooded with some crazy hacks that actually work for the hair. Here are a few unusual but useful hacks that you can implement while looking after your hair.

1. Mayonnaise as a hair mask – There are two variants – one is with the egg and the other is the eggless. Go for the egg version and go ahead and use it as a hair mask. Since mayonnaise is made of eggs, oil, vinegar and lemon juice, these ingredients are surely great for the hair health. This helps to moisturize the hair and calms frizz.

2. Baby powder – Since you are undergoing a lazy time, there might be days when you might not feel like washing your hair. But there is a way to deal with your greasy scalp. Apply some baby powder on the scalp and it works wonders and makes your hair look as fresh as it is freshly washed.

3. Coca-cola – The popular beverage Coca-cola has phosphorous acid that is low on pH level. It helps to tighten the cuticles and also gives a smooth and shiny effect. Since the beverage also has sugar its works towards adding volume to the hair.

4. Aspirin – Aspirin is a common over-the-counter drug that is useful to treat headaches and is rich in salicylic acid that works wonders towards treating a condition like dandruff. It also helps to remove the dullness in the hair and makes it look bouncy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay