Publix makes wearing face coverings mandatory for its employees

Publix has made it compulsory for its employees to wear face coverings and gloves as a preventive measure


U.S. based supermarket chain Publix has announced that it has made it mandatory for the employees to wear face coverings, who are working at the grocery stores. A spokesperson from Publix said that the mandate was applied from April 20, 2020. It was also added that the employees who were otherwise not required to wear gloves, will now have to wear them voluntarily. This is essential from the safety point of view of the workers.

Officials from the company also assured that they are providing face coverings for the associates and they will also provided with plastic gloves for the customer service and pharmacy associates till their supplies are not finished. After their stocks are finished, the company workers will have to wear their own face coverings while the customer service and pharmacy associates will have to use their own supply of gloves.

The measures have been taken after two of its employees at different Publix stores located in Orlando and the third one at the Ocala had tested positive for coronavirus. The company is taking every step to ensure the safety of their employees. At the cash registers and billing section, plexiglass has been installed to protect the person on the other side while one-way aisles have been made and store hours have been adjusted so that more time is given for disinfecting.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread in a number of countries after it originated in the Wuhan city of China. The United States has the most number of infected patients. While the number of cases continue to grow in the US, the Trump administration is looking forward to gradually open up businesses so that the economy gets some stability. However, the decision to reopen businesses has been criticized by the people, who are on the streets to protect against the reopen. The citizens have demanded an extension of the lockdown as a safety measure.

Photo Credits: Pixabay