Wearing masks to become mandatory after lockdown is lifted in America

American residents will have to wear masks while stepping out after weeks of isolation


America is one of the worst affected countries in the world of coronavirus and as of April 15, 2020, the death toll has neared 31,000. While the situation in America does not seem to be so good, the governors are preparing the citizens towards a gradual reopen of the economy. Wearing masks and covering of the face might become a regular practice even after things come back to normal in the US. In recent times, the governors of New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have issued a orders for the residents that as they come out of the isolation in the upcoming weeks, the residents will be expected to wear face masks on a regular basis.

Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor and a democrat said that if people are in public and are not able to maintain social distancing then it will be mandatory for them to wear face masks. Such orders have also been issued in places like Los Angeles and New Jersey. Covering of the face has been made mandatory by the Kansas Governor Laura Kelly on April 14, 2020. Governors in the US Midwest are also preparing to bring back the economies.

While people around the globe are cooperating with the lockdown rules, a very opposite situation was seen in Michigan when hundreds of cars were seen on the streets on April 15, 2020 while protecting against the governor’s orders of stay-at-home. Many of the protestors had also gathered on a lawn in front of the Capitol building and many of them were not seen wearing masks and were not following the social distancing norm.

The death toll in America reached 30,885 as on April 15, 2020. Amidst the pandemic, it is the health care workers who are in the frontline and are at high risk of contracting the virus while treating the COVID-19 positive patients. More than 50 nurses, doctors and medical technicians have passed away after they were diagnosed of COVID-19 or are showing symptoms of it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay