4 Things to consider before you book your bridal make-up artist

Bridal make-up is one of the crucial aspects of a wedding and it is important to consider a few things


For many people the current lockdown situation might have postponed any weddings. But now since there is no choice than to wait for the infection to calm down, you have ample time to make a better plan and prepare for the big day. The day can be very stressful for the brides as they constantly remain stressful as to how they are going to look and how things are going to materialize. One of the most important factors for the bride is her make-up which is very crucial. A good bridal make-up artist is very important as lack of experience can ruin the day of the bride as this happens only once (for many at least). Here are a few things that you should consider before you finalize your make-up artist.

1. Look for a person who is experienced – It is very important to hire an experienced make-up artist as they know how to handle stressful situations as well and are aware of the tips and tricks in case of any emergency. It is also important to meet them in person and not blindly hire them on phone. You need to have a one-on-one conversation.

2. Do not feel shy to ask about any doubts –Since it is going to be your big day, it is OK to get rid of any questions or confusions that are going on in your mind. You can ask about the products he or she is about to use and the look you want to have. It is also important to communicate about your outfits , time and the venue.

3. Insist on make-up trials – Always insist on make-up trials. Some artists offer them for free while the reputed ones might charge. Clarify things in terms of color combinations and what your expectations are. Also make sure that your friends and family members are there to give any suggestions.

4. Have proper conversation about payments – Feel free to ask about packages and offers. Make sure you are clear about any advance payments and the terms about how they have to be made.

Photo Credits: Pixabay