Amazon ordered to deliver only essentials goods in France

French government has ordered Amazon to deliver only essential goods amidst the coronavirus pandemic


While China is on the road to recovery from the deadly coronavirus pandemic, the rest o the world is still dealing with it. While the world is dealing with the ongoing crisis, e-commerce services are facing a tough time while dealing with the online deliveries. Amazon in France has been ordered to deliver only the essential goods. The order has come after reports that the retailer is failing to protect its workers from the virus. The online retailer has now been ordered to only deliver food, medical products and hygiene products in the country. The officials will also be assessing of Amazon is taking ample precautions to protect its staff.

It has been observed by the court that the retailer has not followed the health and safety guidelines that have been laid out for the security and health of its workers. If it fails to follow the instructions and guidelines, then it might have to face a fine of about € 1m per day. Meanwhile, it cannot be ignored that the company has hired thousands of extra staff as the number of deliveries have significantly increased as people prefer to stay at home and get essentials delivered at their foot step. Due to lockdowns many shops have been shut and people who not have a choice than to depend on such online grocery stores.

France is also facing a nationwide ban on the public gatherings which has been in place since mid of March 2020. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France has extended the lockdown till May 11, 2020. Trade union group Solidaires Unitaires Democratiques had sued Amazon and alleged that more than 100 workers are forced to work under conditions where they need to be in close proximity.

Labour inspections have ordered the company to improve working conditions at five of its sites in France. Some of the unions have also demanded a complete closure of the company in the country.

Photo Credits: Pixabay