Tyson Foods to pay bonuses to its frontline workers amidst coronavirus pandemic

Tyson Foods announced a payout of about $60 million as bonus for the frontline workers including its truckers amidst the coronavirus outbreak

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American food processing corporation Tyson Foods made an announcement on March 31, 2020 that it is all set to pay about $60 million in bonuses as a way to say thank you to the 116,000 frontline workers who are fighting the coroanvirus pandemic. It will also include the Tyson truckers in the United States as they are helping to support the operations everyday while providing food during the ongoing pandemic.

A press release by the food processing company mentioned that the eligible members will be receiving $500 as a bonus and will be payable by the first week of July, 2020. The bonuses are a part of the company’s promise to support its members including the plant community and the livestock producers during the ongoing global pandemic. Noel White, the CEO of Tyson Foods expressed that they are proud of their team members as they have stepped up during the challenging period at a time when it is essential to fulfill the food needs of people in America.

The CEO added that they have also relaxed their attendance policy in recent times and are encouraging their employees to stay at home if they are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus or are taking care of a family member with COVID-19. White added that they are also taking precautionary measures like checking temperatures of the employees reporting at work and everyday cleaning and sanitizing the high traffic areas. The CEO added that the bonuses is their way of thanking their team members for their efforts despite the circumstances.

More measures are being taken by the company as it is restricting the visitor’s access to the facilities. It is also offering its employees protective face coverings for those who have requested. It is also working closely with the Centres for Disease Control to have the appropriate guidelines for the usage of protective gear and masks.

Photo Credits: Pixabay