Uber offers free rides and deliveries for workers affected by coronavirus pandemic

Uber has pledged to give 10 million free rides and free deliveries to the workers who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic


Individuals, companies and organizations are coming together to deal and fight with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Uber has joined the bandwagon of the companies contributing to help people amidst the crisis. The ride sharing company has pledged to give 10 million free rides and the food deliveries for the senior citizens, healthcare workers on the frontline, and others who have been affected by the outbreak. In the United Kingdom, Uber has already taken up the responsibility to deliver food to the NHS workers and free rides.

Uber is now looking forward to offer its services across the globe. The company has said that any healthcare provider, organization or a government based entity will be eligible for their free services. Uber has also said that it is also working with a number of other interested parties. A spokesperson from Uber added that it is discussing with the local food banks to offer free rides and deliveries. All the clinics, hospitals, senior centres and others who are interested, have to email to Uber at impact2020@uber.com.

The recent announcement was made after Uber faced a huge drop in its ridership due to the pandemic. Its bookings in Seattle has gone down to 60 to 70 percent and the company is expecting more such declines in future. Not to forget, the ride hailing service is also providing financial assistance to the drivers who have been infected with COVID-19 or whose accounts have been suspended or have been told to be quarantined by the public health officials.

While many people are being advised to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel, many of the Uber drivers are struggling to find rides and are struggling to earn money. President Donald Trump has last week announced offers for the jobless with $2 trillion stimulus package which will include unemployment insurance to the groups that were earlier ineligible. Now many people will be eligible under the unemployment insurance.

Photo Credits: Pixabay