Crocs to donate free shoes for healthcare professionals fighting coronavirus

Crocs has announced that it will be donating free shoes for the healthcare professionals dealing with coronavirus


While the world is dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are also individuals and companies who are coming forward to give a helping hand during tough times. American company Crocs which is known for its clog shoes has announced that it is donating thousands of pairs of shoes for the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly on the frontline to treat the coronavirus patients. The company has assured that it is all set to donate up to 10,000 pairs of Crocs every day to the people who are working in the health care sector.

Andrew Rees, the Crocs President said that they were working out to find the most effective way to help in the pandemic which many countries are dealing with. The president in his statement added that in the past week they have been in talks with the healthcare workers the facilities that have and even their family and friends. Rees added that all of them had specifically asked for shoes so it could provide them with some ease to their feet and also some ease of mind as it would facilitate them to easily get cleaned up before they go home to their families.

But for that, the healthcare workers will have to take some efforts by visiting the Crocs website and request a free pair. The facility will start every day at noon Eastern Time when the healthcare workers can visit the site for their free pair. The site will be open, until the day’s free allotment has been fulfilled. The company has also assured that it will be donating a pair of shoes to the selected healthcare facilities and organizations.

However, Crocs is not the first one to donate footwear to health care workers. Even Allbirds has donated about $500,000 worth of shoes and has now launched a campaign for its customers known as buy-one-give-one through which they can donate a pair of shoes to a healthcare professional.

Photo Credits: Pixabay