7 Health benefits of consuming bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots have some surprising health benefits and should be consumed on a regular basis

bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are also known as Bamboo sprouts which are edible and are used in a number of Asian dishes. They are available in dries, fresh and canned versions and have a number of health benefits. They have anti-cancer agents and have the ability to remove free radicals from the body. They are crisp and are also known as the King of Forest vegetables. Here are a few health benefits of consuming bamboo shoots.

1. Good sources of amino acids – Bamboo shoots come packed with arginine, tyrosine and leucine which are a good source of amino acids. Tyrosine helps to improve the metabolism of the body and play an important role as it is an important constituent of adrenals.

2. Have anti-oxidant properties – These stem like veggies contain phenolic acids and have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities that reduce the risk of some of the chronic diseases of the heart and also prevents the occurrence of cancer.

3. Contains plenty of fibre – Bamboo shoots have plenty of fibre and phytosterols that help to reduce fat in the body. The fibre content also helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. This also makes a healthy food for patients who suffer from lifestyle related issues.

4. Helps to control high blood pressure – People who suffer from high blood pressure can consume this asparagus like vegetable. It is also good for those who are obese and intend to lose some weight.

5. Pain killing properties – The juice of the stem is used as a medicine that has abilities to heal the external wounds and ulcers. As mentioned before they also have anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Good for reproductive system – It is good for a healthy menstrual cycle and is also beneficial in case of heavy bleeding post delivery. People suffering from infertility issues can also consume on a regular basis.

7. Builds the immune system of the body – Bamboo shoots are rich in vitamins and minerals and work towards building the immunity of the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay