Coronavirus: Buckingham Palace staff member tested positive before Queen was taken out

The Queen was in the Buckingham Palace when a royal aide had tested positive for coronavirus


Things have become a little more serious in England after an aide at the Buckingham Palace has tested positive for coronavirus while Queen Elizabeth II was still at her official London residence. The Queen was taken out of the Buckingham Palace and was taken to Windsor Castle on March 19, 2020 as a precautionary measure. All the engagements of the 93 year old has been cancelled and reports assure that she continues to be in good health.

It is still not known as to how close was the infected person with the Queen but all the other staff members who came in contact with the infected person has been sent to self-isolation. Reports state that the worker tested positive before the Queen had left the Buckingham Palace. The Palace has about 500 staff. The person who has been infected has not been named and fell ill and tested positive last week.

Over the recent news, the Buckingham Palace decided not to speak anything but assured that they are taking all the essential steps as per the guidelines to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. The death toll has been increasing rapidly in the UK and the death toll has gone up to 233 as on March 21, 2020. Some of the reports say that the Queen is preparing for a live TV broadcast, where she will be speaking to boost the morale of the citizens in the United Kingdom. Britain is currently near shut down and all the public places have been closed indefinitely. People have been advised to stay indoors and are also advising social distancing.

The Queen recently issued a statement which said that people need to find new ways to stay in touch and make sure that they are safe along with their loved ones. The statement also gave a special thanks to the medical practitioners, emergency and public services who are fighting coronavirus. The Queen has appealed people to be responsible as individuals.

Photo Credits: Pixabay