Amazon delays shipments of non-essential items by a month

Amazon is giving priority to essential items over the non-essential ones due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic


People who might have switched to Amazon to deal with their boredom, have some bad news. Users of the e-commerce giant might have to wait for some time for their items to be delivered. Amazon s currently dealing with a sudden surge in demand due to the ongoing crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic. The company is delaying the shipments of the non-essential items and that includes movies. The bad news is that the delay might be as long as for about a month. The delay also applies on some of the Amazon Prime items which normally arrive in one or two days.

The Amazon Prime users can no longer find the one-to-two day delivery option on certain items. Some of the items under Prime are being offered under a delivery option that will take about five days, but the majority of the things could be delayed by about a month. Amazon responded to the queries and clarified that this is not some kind of a glitch but is a measure that has been taken due to the ongoing coronavirus scare. The shipments of the non-essential items are not being given a priority.

The company said that they aim to serve their customers who are in need and are also taking care of the health and safety of their staff members. Amazon added that they have changed their entire system that includes transportation, logistics, purchasing, third-party seller process, and are delivering items which are on high priority. The company had earlier announced that it is filling its warehouses only with the basic essential items which come under the category like pet supplies, baby products, health and household products, personal care and hygiene products, grocery and industrial and scientific products.

Coronavirus has forced many people to remain at home and due to this people have now turned to online shopping. Amazon is doing its every bit to make sure its customers and staff members are safe.

Photo Credits: Pixabay