Domino’s to hire 10,000 workers for pizza delivery during coronavirus crisis

Domino’s aims to provide food and work opportunity during the ongoing coronavirus crisis time


Food deliveries at home are the need for the hour as it is not advised to step out during city lockouts amidst the coronavirus pandemic across the globe. Lockouts across the globe is increasing everyday and Domino’s Pizza has announced that it is all set to hire 10,000 workers to meet the delivery demands during the ongoing virus outbreak. In the US, the White House has asked the food lovers to remain at home and stop dining out. The orders have forced many restaurants to provide home delivery services.

Domino’s is considered as one of the top food brands in the world and has more than 17,000 stores in more than 90 markets with a total sales of $14.3 billion recorded in 2019. Surprisingly, its home deliveries accounts for about 50 percent of its sales. It was earlier predicted that the restaurant digital orders would increase by double digits in 2020 across all modes including deliveries, premises and carryout. In the United States alone Domino’s manages to generate 65 percent of sales through the digital channels across Apple Watch, Facebook messenger, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Twitter.

Due to the current situation, the company has also launched contactless deliveries as a measure to keep people and the staff safe from the pandemic. Richard Allison the CEO of Domino’s has said in a statement that the state authorities have asked to shut down the dine-in restaurants but the delivery service will remain in place and this will give a sense of normalcy among the consumers. Allison added that their aim is to feed people amidst the crisis and is also aiming to provide work opportunity for those who are looking for work especially those who have been deeply impacted during the ongoing crisis. Coronavirus has caused a pandemic across the globe and has claimed hundreds of lives so far after it originated in the Wuhan province of China.

Photo Credits: Pixabay