5 Easy ways to maintain good health of elderly people

Senior citizens need to do a few simple exercises to maintain a good health


Senior citizens are the ones who are vulnerable to any disease. People tend to come across different health issues after they cross the age of 50. But the good news is that they can be taken care of if you exercise regularly. The fact is, there is no age, when you should start taking care of your health and there are no excuses why you should not take care of your health. It is just after the age of 50, it becomes more important. Here are a few things that can be done after you cross the age of 50.

1. Workout your hips – Old age mean you tend to sit for longer hours which can make your hips stiff. This can be done by doing squats as many as you can. There are also a few yoga asanas which help to improve the hip movements.

2. Strengthen hands – It is the grip of the hands that tends to deteriorate. There are a few grip strengthening exercises that can be done. Grip strengthening exercises can be done along with squeezing of a sponge ball.

3. Balancing practice – There are a few simple exercises like standing on one leg or walking on a single line which can help. Make sure you do such exercises under supervision as you might tend to fall.

4. Exercises for spinal health – Some of the common age related problems include a hunched back and shoulders. There are a few spine stretching exercises which can be done at home. You can also do the spinal twist or a lower back stretch.

5. Meditate – Meditation is the best form of exercise which is important for mental health. Not just the elderly, but this should also be practiced by children and adults. This keeps your mind refreshed and helps to relieves your stress. Maintaining mental health contributes towards improving physical health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay