5 Myths about pregnancy busted

Pregnancy is a great phase in a woman’s life and it also comes with a few myths that you need to be aware of

pregnancy myths

Pregnancy is a time which is very special for every woman who goes through this phase. It is also a time when pregnant women take a number of precautions and are also bombarded with many Dos and Donts from people around them. The phase has a lot with the mother’s health and the diet they are made to follow. Here are a few myths about pregnancy that one should not believe.

1. Excessive weight gain is not good – The fact ism it is normal to gain about 11 to 12 kilos and this normally happens for the development of the baby inside and also helps to maintain a proper blood pressure during delivery time. But if you are still worried about your weight gain, then you can surely consult your gynaecologist.

2. Pregnant women should eat for two – This is not true at all and pregnant women do not have to have extra calories for the baby. Pregnancy is a time when women need to maintain a healthy diet. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are recommended along with milk and other dairy products.

3. Skipping meals is good – Many people think that skipping meals helps to reduce the feeling nausea and indigestion. But the fact is that it can make the symptoms worse and also weakens the would-be mother. In case of severe nausea, consult a doctor, but skipping meals is a big no no.

4. Eat plenty of sweets – Eating sugary sweets can be good in limits but it should not be overdone as it can also lead to gestational diabetes. Make sure that you have sweets which are nutritious but in limits. You might also have cravings but do not indulge too much in them.

5. Stop drinking tea – A few people think that pregnant women should stop drinking as it can be harmful for the baby. The fact is that tea has plenty of anti-oxidants and can actually be healthy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay