7 Feng Shui mistakes that should be avoided

A few Feng Shui rules should be followed at home and at the working place

feng shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that measures the energy forces to bring a balance in the lives of the individuals and their surrounding environment. A proper and measured flow of positive energy ay home and the work place is very important. This is essential when it negative energies bring a number of obstacles in work and home. But there are many people who commit a few very common mistakes in terms of Feng Shui. Here are some of the mistakes which can be avoided.

1. Keeping dried or withered indoor plants – Feng Shui says that it is not good to have dry or withered plants at home. It is best to keep fresh plants or flowers. Dried up flowers or plants block the positive energies.

2. Keeping Cactus like plants – It is not suitable to have sharp or cactus like plants at home. Plants with soft or rounded leaves are the best to be kept at home or office.

3. Shattered mirror – Even if you have a crack on a mirror at home, then it is recommended to get rid of it immediately. It can also causes accidents and hence they should be removed immediately.

4. Storage under bed – There are many households that store plenty of things under the bed. Such things can affect your life and bring obstacles. They represent blocks and can also affect your sleep. Keep it empty as far as possible.

5. Keeping things behind the doors – Keeping things behind the doors tend to block the positive energy.

6. Giving the wrong advise to friends – Incomplete knowledge can be dangerous. If you do not have proper knowledge, then it is advised not to communicate the wrong information about Feng Shui.

7. Placing a mirror in front of the bed – One has to be very careful while placing a mirror in the bedroom. A mirror that is placed in front of the bed can affect the body functioning during sleep.

Photo Credits: Pixabay