Reasons why you feel sleepy during day time

Feeling sleepy during the day time stalls all the important work and makes you irritated


There can be times when you might always feel tired and sleepy. Though there might be a few simple reasons behind it for instance, it can be the atmosphere or due to minor health issues. This generally happens when you do not have adequate sleep and then you tend to feel sleepy the entire day. However, there are also chances that such a sleepiness could also be associated with mental stress or other physical factors. Here are a few ways you can deal with sleepiness during the day time.

1. Have adequate sleep – When the body works during the day time, it needs to rest just like the way a battery needs to be charged after it is used to its fullest capacity. Make sure that you have 6 to 7 hours of sleep which will help you to begin your mornings with a bang.

2. Heavy meals – This is important especially on the weekdays when you are working. Try to avoid heavy meals during lunch as it tends to make you feel lethargic. The same should also be avoided during the night meal. When you keep it as light as possible, your body feels energetic and satisfied.

3. Stress – Mental stress is one of the biggest factors and can make you feel sleepy during the day time as well even if you have had a good night sleep in the night. Try to practice meditation or yoga which helps to relax your stress levels.
How to avoid sleepiness –

1. If things are really getting out of control, then you can go ahead and take a nap of about 15 to 20 minutes which is enough to wake you up.

2. Add citrus fruits to your diet as they provide vitamin C which are good to keep the body hydrated and energetic.

3. Reduce your alcohol and cigarette consumption as these provide temporary perks and can make things worse in the longer span.

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