5 Signs that can show you are a clingy partner

A few points mentioned below can indicate that you are the clingy one in the relationship


A relationship is something that does not have a definition and can only be felt between two people. Your need to have the right understanding and balance to keep it going or there might be frequent fallouts between the two. There are a few partners who tend to be too clingy towards their partners and they do not even realize. A few points mentioned below might help you to define if you are one of those clingy partners in your relationship.

1. You have no friends – Are you one of those who do not have many friends and have made your partner your world? Such people do not have any personal interests or hobbies and depend completely on their partner to spend free time.

2. You become insecure at times – you do not like it when your partner steps out without you. Such partners constantly think about where they might have gone or if they are lying about their outing or are spending time with people you don’t like. Such people also feel the urge of checking on them all the time.

3. You are stalking them – You begin to check on every small detail of their partner’s lives and also begin stalking them on social media. You are also clingy when you constantly check their statuses on Whatsapp or Instagram.

4. You begin to dislike a few people who are good looking or attractive – You might tend to become jealous or insecure of a few people your partner is in touch with.

5. You call your partner several times when he/she is out – You might tend to make frequent calls when your partner is out to check about their whereabouts.

In a relationship, one thing is very clear that it is not wise to suffocate a partner with love, but a little space helps to maintain a healthy relationship. Try spending time with friends and family members as well.

Photo Credits:Pixabay