5 Cleaning tips for make-up products and brushes

Make-up is an integral part of your life and a few rituals should be followed to take care of your skin


Make-up is something that is crucial for people who step out and want to look at their best. Apart from purchasing the best and quality make-up products it is also important to take good care of your products and brushes. If they are ignored then it can easily catch bacteria and can ultimately lead to a number of skin issues. If the brushes used for the make-up of the eyes, lips and skin are not washed regularly then they can cause infection. Cleaning process for different make-up products is different. Here are a few tips that can be handy and useful for different make-up products.

1. Eye pencils – Make sure that you don’t share your pencils. Before every use, sharpen the pencil or crayons to remove the old layer. Also make sure to disinfect the sharpener with a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol on it.

2. Lipsticks – Spray some rubbing alcohol on the exposed portion of the lipstick and wipe it off with a tissue. This will help to maintain the hygiene level of the lipsticks.

3. Eye shadows and pressed powders – Highlighters, blushes, bronzers and eye shadows should always be cleaned with a brush. Wipe the brush with a clean tissue every time it is used. Alternatively, you can also spray some rubbing alcohol on it.

4. Sponges and brushes – This totally depends on the usage. If you are using the brushes and sponges twice or thrice a week then you can clean it once in a week with some hand wash which has anti-bacterial properties. Alternatively a sanitizer can also be used.

5. Applying creams – Whether it is a night cream or a day cream, do not use your fingers and always use a brush or a spatula. Many skin care products provide the appropriate spatula along with it. You don’t want the germs on your hand to contaminate the entire expensive cream that you are applying.

Photo Credits: Pixabay