Tuskegee Experiment – United States Apologizes To Guatemala Over Inhuman Experimentation Of Syphilis


Updated Trends: Tuskegee Experiment: United States Apologizes To Guatemala Over Inhuman Experimentation Of Syphilis

The United States has apologized to Guatemala with regards to the Tuskegee Experiment over the people in their county, who were treated for inhuman experimentation of the Syphilis disease. The experimentation program lasted for many years, and it had cost many people’s lives. Clearly, this was a perfect example of the evil side of science, which has been used on human being as tests.

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The Tuskegee Experiment study began in the early 1930’s and lasted till the year 1972. But it was during these years many people were used as a study subject for the disease called Syphilis which was discovered recently back then.

Many African-American men were used during this time as a medical experiment for Syphilis. Scientists and Doctors injected these men with the Syphilis virus to see the various effects the disease had on the human body. These men were treated under cover, by telling them they had a particular blood disease.

It was the same which happened in Guatemala, where American doctors injected Guatemalan prostitutes with the Syphilis virus, and asked them to have unprotected sex with prisoners and other people, the whole process was just a part of the study on the Syphilis virus. It was reported that some 1500 men contracted this disease, between the year 1946-48. This was indeed a horrific act which the American scientist had done in those years, as they did not even consider these people as human beings.