Train Crash In Pemalang, Indonesia Kills Dozens Of Passengers


Updated Trends: Train Crash In Pemalang, Indonesia Kills Dozens Of Passengers

A deadly Train Crash in Pemalang, Indonesia has killed dozens of passengers aboard the train. It is reported that the massive train crash has killed around 35 people. Along with the dead, many passengers have been known to be injured and they have been sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Indonesia Train Crash

The train crash occurred before dawn on Saturday, when this particular train was coming from the capital of Jakarta, and rammed into a stationary train at the Petarukan station. Reports state the main cause behind the accident is faulty signalling.

Experts in Jakarta have stated that train crashes in Indonesia have now become very common, because the government is not taking proper care of the railway system. Old trains, unprepared staff, bad signals are all causes behind such train accidents. On the other hand, it is also noted that there is a huge need of investment in the Indonesian railway sector, as they whole system is in dire need of upgrade and regular maintenance.