4 Ways to avoid sleep wrinkles on face

Sleep wrinkles can lead to fast ageing of the skin which is why it is important to prevent it

sleep wrinkles

It is a time when a busy lifestyle calls for better skin care products. Looking timeless has become a fad and people now wish to look younger than their actual age. This is indeed possible and many people are actually making efforts towards it. A good night and a sound sleep is something that contributes to a healthy skin. But now many are aware that improper sleeping positions can take away the firmness from your skin. There is something known as sleep wrinkles which can be caused while sleeping with your face buried in the pillow or pressed against it. This can cause folds and creases on the skin, which makes it loose its elasticity. Here are a few ways to avoid such sleep wrinkles.

1. Sleep on your back – You might be in love with the position of sleeping on your stomach or on your side. But as far as possible it is good to sleep on your back as it prevents the skin to be pressed against the pillow.

2. Change your pillow cover fabric – If you are not able to sleep on your back, you can change the fabric of your pillow cover. You can use satin or silk fabric as they are soft in nature and allows the skin to glide and prevents any creasing.

3. Avoid sleeping with your hand pressed on skin – Many of us have a habit of sleeping with our hand against the skin, which can build pressure and lead to sleep wrinkles. As far as possible try to keep your hands away from your face while sleeping.

4. Use sleep masks – If you do not like to use satin of silk fabric for your pillow cover, then you can also use a sleep mask that helps to prevent any creasing or folding of the skin while you are asleep.

Apart from being careful, in the night it is also important to remove your make-up with a good make-up remover or micellar water, to allow the skin to breathe.

Photo Credits: Pixabay