Cruise ship passengers to be tested for coronavirus

Cruise ship passengers who will soon be docking at New Jersey, will be screened for coronavirus


Coronvirus is slowly griping a number of people across the globe and nations are now coming forward to take ample measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus further. Popular cruise ship Royal Caribbean is scheduled to dock at Bayonne, New Jersey on February 7, 2020. The cruise ship has about 12 Chinese nationals who are on isolation and will be tested for coronavirus.

The ship has a few passengers who are returning from Bahamas and are reportedly suffering from pulmonary issues. The Chinese passengers on board will be tested for the virus once they arrive at the New Jersey port. However, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has not yet determined or announced as to where the passengers will be taken and where the tests will be done. The Royal Caribbean in a statement that they will be conducting the screening of their guests so they can contribute to prevent the spread of the virus.

The company spokesperson in a statement added that they are closely monitoring the developments that are related to the coronavirus and are also following medical protocols onboard. The statement also assured that they are working closely with the World Health Organization and the local health authorities to take good care of their guests and crew members.

On the other hand 42 year old Robert Isaacson, whose 75 year old mother is on the cruise ship expressed that he is worried for his mother as the crew members on the ship have not yet alerted the passengers and the sick people onboard. Isaacson added that he has been in touch with his mother throughout and so far there has been no mention about the crew alerting about the potential risks and warning about the sick passengers. The coronavirus originated in the Wuhan province of China from a live animal market, which ahs now been shut down.

Photo Credits: Pixabay