New Planet Gliese 581 g Found In The Habitable Zone


    Updated Trends: New Planet Gliese 581 g Found In The Habitable Zone

    Astronomers of the University of California have found a planet called Gliese 581 g in the Habitable Zone. The new planet was found during a Lick-Carnegie survey of the exoplanet system of the Gliese 581. Gliese 581 g is revolving around a red dwarf, and is at a subtle distance from the star. The new planet is approximately 20 light years away from earth.

    Gliese 581 g

    It has been reported that the new planet has mostly rocky landscape, and has sufficient gravitational pull to maintain an atmosphere. According to a scientist at the University of California, the planet does have enough gravitational pull, that a human being can walk in a proper manner. It is also assumed that there could be a possibility that life is existing on this planet.

    The Scientist also added that, if there is a probability that life can evolve in any possible and sustainable habitat in the universe, then there could be a 100% chance that there life could be striving on this planet. The temperature on this planet could be ranging from -31 to -12 degrees.