The Stuxnet Worm Redefines A New Era Of Cyberwar


Updated Trends: The Stuxnet Worm Redefines A New Era Of Cyberwar

The Stuxnet worm which is reported to have attacked the Iran Nuclear Facility, has indeed redefined a new era in Cyberwar. The new worm has a capability to reprogram softwares that run hardwares in a particular industry. With such a weapon in hand, it is really hard to control or detect the spread of the virus in a particular computer system.

stuxnet worm

It was reported that the Iran Nuclear facility was attacked with this virus, and it was going to potentially harm the whole computer system of the facility, which in turn would be have been very dangerous. We learn here is that there is a force in the world today which can be used as a weapon on an enemy, without the chance of being detected.

What makes matters more worse, is that in this developing world, there is no arms race in existence, but there are countries who are envious over other countries development and power, so by the usage of such worms and viruses over other countries, one can hamper their development or even destroy their assets. And on the other hand, this virus does not travel through the internet, but through affected memory sticks and other sorts of storage devices. If the virus could have been Internet prone, then there would have been a way to detect the virus and stop it from affecting machines, but sadly its not as such.