Make-up tips to make you look flawless in 2020

One has to be careful while applying make-up as a small mistake can ruin your face


Apart from a proper outfit, it is the Makeup that bothers a woman the most. Many women tend to make tiny Makeup mistakes which become a blunder and make them look awkward. This is the reason, one has to be careful with it to look perfect and flawless. Since it is 2020, it is time for a few changes and time to standout in the crowd. Here are a few tips to make your Makeup look flawless and help you stand out in the crowd.

1. Use a primer that hydrates the skin – For the perfect finish, it is important to hydrate the face well so the moisture is locked. A good hydrating primer can be used before you put up the foundation. It is recommended to use a primer which is branded.

2. Use a foundation which is one shade darker – When you are buying a foundation, select a tone which is a shade darker than your skin tone. Such a method works especially for the older women. Be careful when you are buying your foundation as a lighter shade can ruin your whole Makeup .

3. Use BB cream – Before you apply Makeup , apply a BB cream, which helps the skin to prepare for the Makeup products. If your skin has visible dark spots, then you can apply CC cream.

4. Be careful while applying foundation – Foundation is a product which needs to be applied well with the right technique. You need to apply the foundation with a brush. Fingers cannot blend it well due to which the skin does not look smooth enough. Avoid using a wet blender as it makes the skin look dull.

5. Usage of face powder – Face powder is not always essential. If older women use this, it can make the fine lines more visible. Usage of a highlighter instead of a face powder is recommended, especially on the T-zone to hide the wrinkles.

Photo Credits: Pixabay