4 Myths related to green tea

Green tea is surely healthy but there are a few myths that are related to it ahd people need to know about a few facts

green tea

Green tea can be called as the drink of the health conscious people. The drink is stuffed with natural ingredients and provides solution for various health issues. It is a fact that green tea can be a great companion in many health conditions but some people often exaggerate its qualities. It is important to know a few facts about green tea before you make it a part of your everyday life. Here are a few myths that are related to green tea.

1. Protects against deadly diseases like cancer – Many researchers have now come out in open and clarified that not all plant-based diet can help to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

2. Only green tea contains anti-oxidants – The fact is that any kind of tea has anti-oxidants and includes green and black tea. Both of them do not have extra calories and both are low on caffeine content.

3. The drink has anti-ageing properties – It is true that the health drink has abilities to wash out the free radicals from the body that prevents any damage to the skin tissues. It also has catechins abilities that protects the skin from harmful UV Rays. But there is no actual proof, if the drink has anti-ageing properties.

4. Green tea brings down blood sugar levels – This actually depends on how the drink is consumed. If it is taken without sugar then it does help to lower the blood sugar levels. But it is not always good to take unsweetened version of the drink. If it is taken regularly, then it can have good effects on the body.

Green tea is made up of leaves which are known as Camillia Sinensis. The tea has originated in China but its manufacturing and production later spread to other countries in Asia. There are various versions and flavours of green tea available in the market.

Photo Credits: Pixabay