Adding chilies to diet can reduce risk of death from heart ailments

A new study has mentioned that Chilies can have protective effect from the risk of death due to heart ailments


Chilies is an important part of many cuisines and is not just used in Asia but is now used across the globe. They not just help to enhance the taste, but also have health benefits. Health experts have since ages spoken about the benefits of chilies and a new study has supported the theory that regular consumption of it takes away the risk of heart diseases and strokes. The research place was Italy, which is a common place where chilies are used as an ingredient. The researchers compared the risk of death in about 23,000 people. The participants included those who ate chilies and those who did not.

The eating habits and health status of the participants was followed for eight years and it was found that the risk of death from heart attack was 40 percent lower among people who ate more chili peppers for a minimum of four times a week. The researchers said that there might be people who might be following a healthy Mediterranean diet while another group of people might be eating food that is a little less healthy, but for both the groups, the consumption of chili did have an additional protective effect.

On the other hand a registered dietician in the UK said that the research might be interesting but fails to show a valid link between health benefits and the consumption of chili. The dietician added that people who use chilies, might also be using herbs and spices and are also likely to be eating more fresh foods including vegetables.

Another researcher on nutrition has mentioned that chilies can be a great addition to food for added taste, but any direct effect on the body cannot be big. All it can do is make the eating experience more pleasurable. It was also identified that so far there is no mechanism to know if the chilies have a protective effect.

Photo Credits: Pixabay