6 Reasons why children need to be taught importance of consent

Children need to understand the importance of consent as it teaches them to be social


Parenting has been one of the toughest things to understand and different people have different takes on it. One of the most important aspects of parenting is to teach the child the importance of consent. It is something that teaches the child about being careful while crossing boundaries and staying at a safe limit. No child is an expert when it comes to social life and certain aspects have to be taught. Here are a few reasons, why a child needs to learn the importance of consent.

1. Child understands emotions – Teaching about consent, makes the child aware of emotions and they also learn to have empathy. Emotions are something that does not come naturally to the child and it needs to be taught.

2. The child learns about a border – It is important for the child to know that there are certain lines that should not be crossed. It will also help them to make decisions that certain things can be avoided that can benefit them in future.

3. Makes them understand personal space – It is also important for the child to know the importance about personal space as there can be a time when his or her own personal space could be infringed.

4. They learn importance of consent – The child learns about the importance of consent and they know it well how to do it.

5. The child learns to get along his or her partner – Consent when taught at a tender age helps them to get along well with their partner in future. A relationship is of no use when a person does not understand the importance of ‘asking’.

6. They also learn to accept the word ‘no’ – There might also be times when the parent will have to say a ‘no’ and under such circumstances, the child has to learn and accept what has been told.

Photo Credits: Pixabay