5 Health benefits of Asafetida

Asafetida not just adds flavor to the dishes but is also good in many ways for health


Asafetida is a spice that is commonly found in the Asian cuisines. The spice is widely used for its usage in tempering many dishes. It helps to bring a distinct flavor to the dish and makes it even more interesting. Apart from its flavoring feature, not many know that Asafetida also has health benefits and is great in many other ways as well. The spice is rich in nutrients and is a good idea to include it in your everyday diet. Here are a few ways by which Asafetida can be beneficial for health.

1. Lowers high blood pressure – The spice works as a natural blood thinner which in turn helps to lower the blood pressure levels. It contains coumarin that improves blood flow and also prevents formation of blood clots, which can be dangerous if ignored.

2. Reduces headache – Asafetida has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels in the head, which is the most common cause of a headache. Add a pinch of the spice in drinking water and consume it as per your requirement.

3. Menstrual cramps – Menstrual cramps can be very painful for any woman as it causes severe pain in the lower abdominal area. A pinch of Asafetida can be added to some luke warm water. Drink this spiced water and it promotes easy blood flow, which in turn provides relief from pain.

4. Reduces acne – Since it has anti-inflammatory properties it surely fights acne as well. Take a bowl and add a pinch of Asafetida with two spoons of rose water and a spoon of fuller’s earth. Mix the ingredients well and apply it on the affected area and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

5. Good for hair – Now this can be a little surprising as Asafetida helps to soothe frizzy hair. Mix one cup of yoghurt with four teaspoons of almond oil and half teaspoon of Asafetida. Apply the mixture on the hair and leave it for an hour. Wash off with luke warm water.

Photo Credits: Pixabay