6 Ways to avoid plastic waste on an everyday basis

Plastic is like a curse for the environment and people need to be aware of its proper usage and disposal


Plastic has become a menace for the environment. Though the usage of plastic has many perks and increases convenience, but many of us do not realize that how harmful it is for the environment and how essential it is to curtail its usage on an everyday basis. From shopping bags, water bottles, food packaging to even sanitary pads, plastic is everywhere and is everyday doing its bit of damage to the environment in some or other way. Here are a few ways we can avoid usage of plastic on an everyday basis

1. Carry a shopping bag –Make sure that you carry a shopping bag of your own from home when you are stepping out of the house for shopping. Refuse to take the shopping bag that the stores offer. A jute bag or a cotton bag can be reused and can last for several years.

2. Refuse to use straws – Single use straws are doing a big damage to the environment. Always insist on a metal straw or paper or silicon straws which are either degradable or reusable. However, it is not always necessary to use a straw for the drinks.

3. Buy loose vegetables – Stores often pack the vegetables in plastic bags, which is unnecessary as they can be carried loose in a cloth bag as well.

4. Opt for alternative packing –Whenever it is possible insist for a packaging that is plastic-free. Things can also be packed in wooden boxes or other material that is degradable.

5. Carry your own water bottle – While outdoors, always carry your own water bottle. Also avoid using plastic for drinking water as they are harmful for health.

6. Use biodegradable utensils at parties – At parties make sure to use disposable utensils that are made of biodegradable material and not plastic. Party is one of the biggest source of plastic waste and a small measure can help the environment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay